First CSIAM (2021) Award for Practical Applications of Applied Mathematics

This is a translation of the original news:

On June 12th, the Second Forum on "Mathematics Promoting Enterprise Innovation and Development" was opened in Chongqing by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (referred to as the "Society"). During the opening ceremony, the first CSIAM (China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) applied mathematics landing achievements were announced.

Four projects were awarded the certification for applied mathematics landing achievements: "Modeling and Optimization of 5G Network Performance," jointly completed by Zhiquan Luo from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Nanbin Wang and Xin Chen from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.; "Key Modules of the Intelligent Operation System for the Automation Terminal of Phase 4 of Yangshan Port," jointly completed by Changhong Lv, Chao Wang, and Jinkui Xie from East China Normal University; "Efficient Solving Methods for Multi-Component Permeation Equations," jointly completed by Chensong Zhang from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Wu Shuhong and
and Baohua Wang from China Petroleum Exploration and Development Institute; and "High-precision Map-making and Evaluation System based on the Integration of Machine Learning and Deterministic Mechanisms," jointly completed by Zhijian Yang and Xiliang Lv from Wuhan University and Fen Liu from Wuhan Zhonghaiting Data Technology Co., Ltd.

The certificates and research innovation grants were presented to the representatives of the projects by Zhang Pingwen, the academician and chairman of the Society, Xu Wenwei, the director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Xun Hongbin, the party secretary and director of the Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Shi Jianzhong, the former deputy general manager of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Yang Xinmin, the director of the Chongqing National Center for Applied Mathematics, Xuan Xiaohua, the chairman of Huayuan Computing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Jin Shi, the joint director of the Shanghai National Center for Applied Mathematics, and Zhan Zhangsong, the general manager of the Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. The ceremony was presided over by Academician Jiang Song, the director of the CSIAM Applied Mathematics Landing Achievement Selection Committee.

 The CSIAM Applied Mathematics Landing Achievement Certification Activity was held for the first time this year with the aim of encouraging more research projects in applied mathematics to be transformed into practical applications, promoting the integration of industry, academia, and research, and promoting the development of applied mathematics and related industries. The activity received wide participation from experts and scholars from the applied mathematics and industrial sectors and collected many projects. After rigorous qualification review, expert evaluation, and a vote by the executive council of the Society, four applied mathematics landing achievement certification projects were officially selected.

The event was strongly supported by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Freshwater Springs (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Huada Jitong Technology Co., Ltd., and Huayuan Computing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.